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    receving, storing, packing, sending goods

  • Handmade goods

    Ebay, Etsy, Amazon, Shopify,

    Atlantic Logistic Marketplace - whatever you like

  • We Deliver Goods Fast

    We use USPS, DHL, UPS, FedEx to delivere orders very fast

  • Why Fulfilment center?

    A Fulfilment center allows merchants on Ebay, Etsy, Amazon and online stores to guarantee buyers quick delivery. Orders from this marketplaces are shipped out the same day


Atlantic Logistic Solutions, Inc is an association of craftsmen from Ukraine who have created a collection of online stores specializing in selling handmade goods from Ukraine.

Atlantic Logistic Solutions, Inc is the fast delivery of parcels from Ukraine to the USA. We use express delivery to consolidate packages in Ukraine and deliver them to an office in the USA in 2-3 business days. Our office receives, repacks, and forwards US parcels via USPS. Total delivery time of a parcel from Ukraine takes 5-7 days.

Atlantic Logistic Solutions, Inc is a warehouse for storing goods sold through its stores on ebay, etsy, Shopify for quick delivery within the United States and beyond.

Atlantic Logistic Solutions, Inc is its own marketplace created to increase the ability of Ukrainian craftsmen to promote their products around the world. It is a new sales channel that provides both bprompt delivery of orders to customers and warehouse services. Additionally, delivery directly from Ukraine through our office-warehouse in the USA is also available for the sellers of personalized products.

Atlantic Logistic Solutions, Inc is annual conferences, seminars on training sellers in modern methods of promoting, selling, and delivering goods, as well as on competing in the global Internet space.

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We will take care of all the difficult matters of shipping goods

Cargo safety

We guarantee the wholeness of the goods and will never send damaged goods

Savings in the matters of logistics

Our office is located 100 km away from a New York airport, a few miles away from Amazon fulfillment center and from the largest cities on the East Coast


We prepare a detailed photo report upon the arrival of the goods and at any time per your request

Warehouse security

Your product is protected by modern video surveillance systems as well as by professional security guards

Acceptance of returns

Acceptance of your customers' returns from eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Shopify, etc. followed by the subsequent forwarding of the returns to the seller

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